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Pernigotti Cocoa--the best cocoa powder money can buy.

by Rachel Felong and Sarah Felong on 08/03/10

We have been using Pernigotti Cocoa from Italy since we were children.  Pernigotti Cocoa is made by the famous Pernigotti family of chocolate makers and it has the richest, deepest, and most delicious chocolate flavor.  We began to use this amazing cocoa powder as children when our mother discovered it at Williams Sonoma.  It is no longer sold there, but there are a number of online purveyors that carry it:

While there are many delicious cocoa powders, in our opinion, Pernigotti cannot be beat!  We use it in every recipe and nothing can compare with its distinctive and exquisite flavor.  Using the highest quality cocoa powder greatly enhances the flavor of the "finished product" and Pernigotti Cocoa is truly in a class all its own.

NOTE: Pernigotti Cocoa is not labeled "gluten free."  However, we have used it for many years without any problems.  If you are unsure, always err on the side of caution.  The label from Williams-Sonoma indicates that it may be processed in a facility that also handle wheat, so if cross-contamination is a serious concern for you, then that is something to be aware of.

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