"Sarah and Rachel have raised the bar way up on what you can expect from gluten-free food. Amazingly, these recipes are often tastier than many of their wheat-based inspirations."
--Aaron Gervais, San Francisco

"The gluten free diet is more than just a "here today gone tomorrow" nutritional fad. So many people depend on a gluten free diet for their health sake, especially, patients with Dermatitis Herpetiformis and those with Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy. I have tasted several of Rachel and Sarah's recipe's and they are incredible! I wish they would sell their pastries in stores!"
--Randy Jacobs, MD, FAADClinical Dermatologist

"I would have to say that Rachel and Sarah have made gluten free reasonable and delicious. If you did not know you would never ask.....they are truly the gluten free flour children!"
--Ben Sweeney, San Diego

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